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Why Do People Get Nose Surgery?


Nose surgery

These days, there are many reasons that people get surgery on the nose. In general, the reasons for this type of surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, are broken up into two categories: cosmetic reasons and for functional purposes.

While cosmetics tend to be the more popular reason for getting rhinoplasty, this type of procedure also plays an important role in alleviating medical conditions related to the nose and sinuses.

Cosmetic surgery of the nose is often desired because a person feels that their nose does not fit in with the rest of their facial features. A nose that is too big, too small, crooked, has bumps, too wide, too narrow, has a pronounced bridge, lack of a bridge, or any other features that a person is not pleased with can be altered through surgery of the nose.

Medical rhinoplasty is often used to open up breathing airways in the nasal cavities. For instance, blocked airways may be a result of a deviated septum, which can be alleviated with a procedure known as nasal septoplasty. In some cases, blocked airways can be resolved using non-surgical techniques.

However, for long-term results, many healthcare professionals recommend surgery. Fortunately, for people with issues such as a deviated septum, the procedure used to correct the problem is usually non-invasive. In fact, most procedures do not require any skin incisions at all and can be performed directly though the nasal passages.

If you are interested in surgery for nose issues, whether cosmetic or medical, it is important to talk with a surgeon who specializes in these procedures. ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeons can assist you in learning more about cosmetic nose surgeries and will help you to determine whether surgery is necessary to alleviate breathing problems or other health problems that stem from structural problems in or around your nasal cavities.